Back to school !

How to start the journey to coding, engineering, robotics …when you are 6 ?

This year I get the chance to take care of a very mixed afterschool class, from kindergarden to grade 5.
How to engage kids from different ages around a somehow similar project ? This is the question I have been wondering.

Recently I run into the amazing, brilliant, necessary book from Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary Stager, Ph.D., Invent to Learn. This book is the bible of the Maker Movement. It explains in full details how and why a project based learning is the way to make (thus learn) anything. And they mean really anything. This book emphasizes the fact that what matters is not the actual output, but the process to get there. As only the process matters (this is where the learning happens !), let’s make all together !

How to make that concept into practice ?

I found that intuition is a very good starting point. My goal as a tutor for them is to open a discussion, ask a question. More often, they have an idea, an intuition about how things should be working. There is no right or wrong answer, only answers to verify, to challenge. And this can be done with kids from any ages !

So I will post more about project-based learning into practice,

Thank you.

Ps: if you wonder why the posts are in english, it’s because my students and their parents(!) are mostly english speakers.

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